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Best Fitness Clubs In Tampa

Apex Fitness Is Voted One Of The Best Fitness Clubs In Tampa

There are many fitness clubs in Tampa, but today you’ll hear about one of the BEST voted fitness clubs in Tampa, Apex Fitness. You may have experienced or heard of our unique classes where you felt physically and emotionally challenged in just 45 minutes. Perhaps you’re looking for more than just a gym. A gym […]

Unilateral Exercises

Unilateral Exercises And Why They’re Important

Unilateral exercises are an important part of training that may not seem as essential or necessary but can be very beneficial and should be a part of everyone’s routine. The essentials and foundations of training are often considered to be a good technique, proper warm-up, core embrace, etc. 


Why Breathwork Matters in Your Workout

Exercise should be a priority. With so many distractions and obstacles keeping us from the gym, it can be difficult to exercise. It can be difficult to focus on the exercise when we are not able to do it. We often focus on the workout and forget about our mental health. How can we get […]

Isolation Exercises

What Are Isolation Exercises?

There are many options when it comes to exercising. Isolation exercises are perfect for rest days to target one specific set of muscles and let the other rest. Most exercises can be classified under one of two fitness categories: strength training and cardio. Cardio keeps your heart beating and blood flowing. Strength training builds muscle […]

Why Is Apex One Of The Best Gyms In Tampa fl?

Why Is Apex One Of The Best Gyms In Tampa Fl?

Apex Performance ensures that all our clients have an amazing experience, from beginning to end. We are committed to meeting your emotional and physical needs. Our mission is to provide personalized service and education in a warm and inviting environment. We are one of the best gyms in Tampa Fl.

Getting the Most Out of Group Fitness Classes

Getting the Most Out of Group Fitness Classes

Group fitness classes can help you get in shape and lose weight quickly. They offer a great workout for the whole body. But, as with all things in life, you only get what you put into them. Here are some tips to maximize your time in a group fitness class!

7 Benefits of Youth Sports Performance Training

7 Benefits of Youth Sports Performance Training

If you want your youth athlete’s potential to be at their best, effective youth sports performance training is crucial. Here are seven key benefits of training in sports. A Stronger Body Strength is a key component of every sport. To be successful in any sport, youth athletes must train specific muscles to excel at their […]

Should I Get A Personal Trainer

Should I Get A Personal Trainer

You might find yourself asking, “Should I get a personal trainer?” There’s no shortage of free fitness guides and tips on the internet and social media, which is great — but sometimes it’s more overwhelming than helpful. It can be difficult to decide which workout plans you should follow, what will work for you, what […]

Can Exercise Boost Your Immune System?

Can Exercise Boost Your Immune System?

The positive effects of exercise on physical and mental well-being are widely known. What about the ability to resist more common diseases like the flu or the common cold? Exercise can also increase immune function and help us resist these conditions. In this article we will help to answer the question, can exercise boost your […]