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Calorie Burn After Working out

How To Increase Calorie Burn After Working Out

Your fitness tracker shows that you have been running, lifting weights, and walking for several months. Why isn’t your weight falling? It’s true that fitness trackers can underestimate calories burned up to 50%. Can you increase calorie burn after working out?

Best Tampa Gym

Best Tampa Gym For Your Goals

Apex Performance is voted the best Tampa gym for a reason. Apex is dedicated to providing the best workout experience and helping you create, strengthen, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. There’s no obligation or pressure. Our reputation for providing high-quality service has been built by our fitness coaches dedicated to getting you to be the […]

Best Fitness Club In Tampa

Join Apex Fitness, The Best Fitness Club In Tampa

Let’s face the facts, doing the same workouts in your living room, while also doing the “deadmill” in the basement is not very fun. Join Apex, the best fitness club in Tampa where a membership would allow you to access more classes and equipment, as well as a sense of community. Read on to learn […]

fitness clubs in tampa

Why Join Apex, One Of The Best Fitness Clubs In Tampa

Fitness clubs in Tampa are a great place to start your health journey, whether you are looking for weight loss, training for sports, or simply improving your overall health. Instead of trying to create your own workout, you can find classes that work for you, make new friends, learn great techniques, and have a fun […]

Best Fitness Clubs In Tampa

Apex Fitness Is Voted One Of The Best Fitness Clubs In Tampa

There are many fitness clubs in Tampa, but today you’ll hear about one of the BEST voted fitness clubs in Tampa, Apex Fitness. You may have experienced or heard of our unique classes where you felt physically and emotionally challenged in just 45 minutes. Perhaps you’re looking for more than just a gym. A gym […]

Group Fitness In Tampa

Get The Best Group Fitness In South Tampa

Many of us find that exercise is losing its importance in our daily lives as we move along with our lives. It doesn’t matter if you lose interest in exercise after graduation, starting a family, or getting a job. Choosing a fitness group in South Tampa can help curb this and get you back on […]

Getting the Most Out of Group Fitness Classes

Getting the Most Out of Group Fitness Classes

Group fitness classes can help you get in shape and lose weight quickly. They offer a great workout for the whole body. But, as with all things in life, you only get what you put into them. Here are some tips to maximize your time in a group fitness class!

Feeling Shaky After Your Workout?

Feeling Shaky After Your Workout?

You’ve probably experienced that feeling when your muscles want to give up. Although it may feel strange, this is normal. However, shaking after a workout could be a sign of trouble. It’s said that there are many things that can make you feel weak, woozy, or shaky after exercising. The most common is plain old […]