Post Workout Fatigue


Exercise can even boost your energy. If you find yourself constantly feeling tired after exercising, that’s a sign you need to change something. We can help you if you feel post workout fatigue. This article will discuss why people feel tired after working out, how to counter it, and what to do to prevent it from happening.

Extreme Post Workout Fatigue 

Are you feeling fine before and after your workout but tired afterwards? There could be a few factors at play.

  • Dehydration
    Fatigue is a common sign of dehydration. Exercise increases the amount of water lost through sweating, breathing, and other activities.
    How to fix:
    Drink plenty of water before, while, and after exercise (as well daily throughout the day). You can also choose sports water, which helps to replenish electrolytes lost from sweat and can increase hydration quickly.
  • Low blood sugar
    The glucose in our blood and the glycogen in our muscles is used up by exercise. You can use all the body’s glucose if you exercise at moderate to high intensity. This causes low blood sugar.
    How to fix:
    You should ensure that you have adequate fuel before and during your workout. Eat a large meal or snack with lots of carbs. After your workout, eat some carbohydrates to replenish your glycogen. We have ideas for energy-boosting foods to fuel your workouts.
  • Training intensity
    Do you love HIIT or other high-intensity training methods? Anaerobic energy pathways are used to generate energy in high intensity exercise. This is great for short bursts and intense power, but it also creates oxygen shortages and produces lactic acids, which the body must restore after exercise. This can impact energy levels by consuming energy and decreasing oxygen (along with glycogen).
    How to fix:
    You should keep your HIIT sessions short and reduce the number of times you do them. It can be tempting to do every HIIT workout, but you should only do 1-2 per week.

Fatigue The Date After A Workout

There are many lifestyle factors that could be contributing to your post-workout fatigue or low energy levels.

  • Too much
    Are you guilty of skipping rest days to get in a daily workout? It is important to take time away from the gym each week to allow your body to repair and recover. Your body can be stressed by exercise, so if you don’t take time off from the gym regularly, you could experience fatigue and other symptoms of chronic stress.
    While you might have rest days, it is important to not over-commit to your workouts. You won’t make yourself more productive if you push yourself too hard. It will only cause fatigue and possibly injury.
    How to fix:
    You should ensure that you have at least one day off each week. Also, aim to take at least 48 hours between working on the same muscle groups twice. No more than 5 full-body workouts per week.
  • Your food is not properly
    Food is fuel. You have heard it before. You need to eat enough calories. (Find out why too much is bad here), but you also need to ensure you get enough carbs, proteins and fats to support the exercise you do. Energy is essential for our survival. If you eat too much, there won’t be enough energy to do the exercise.
    Carbohydrates ensure that your body has enough energy, while protein is vital for repairing and maintaining tissue (like muscle). Fats are essential for the body’s ability to absorb vitamins and promote cell growth.
    How to fix:
    You will feel full and energized the next day by eating healthy food.
  • Not enough sleep
    A bad night of sleep is synonymous with tiredness. Exercise can make it even worse. The body can rest and heal itself, including the muscles and heart. We feel tired if we don’t get enough sleep. Our bodies take longer to recover after workouts.
    How to fix:
    Try to get at least 6-8 hours sleep each night. You can keep your sleep patterns consistent, avoid bright screens, practice mindfulness before bed and avoid using bright screens before bed.
  • You’re stressed
    Stress is something we all experience from time to time. But if you feel anxious or chronically stressed, it can have a significant impact on your energy and well-being. Exercise is good for your health but it can also cause stress to the body. This is not a reason to worry if you are healthy. However, if you have been suffering from prolonged stress it can lead to fatigue.
    How to fix:
    Work to lower your stress levels. Although this sounds difficult, there are many ways to manage stress.

While exercise is good for our health, it must be part of a healthy lifestyle in order to reap its benefits. Improved energy levels can be achieved by getting enough sleep and eating a balanced diet.

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