Group Fitness Tampa

Group Fitness Tampa

Group fitness is a unique style of fitness class that is well suited for people that enjoy light competition and a more social side of keeping fit. Training in group fitness is lead up by a professional personal trainer and it will challenge groups in a series of circuits or progressive training cycles. Groups will work together in a more social form of fitness. Get to know more people in the community and work out together in circuits, fun high-intensity workouts, and a wide range of collaborative experiences in group training. If you are the type of person that enjoys training as a team or prefers to take on fitness as part of a group class, group fitness in Tampa with Apex Performance is the perfect option for you!

Group fitness in Tampa is a fantastic way to dedicate yourself to more inclusive training. There are programs for beginners, high intensity, and competitive programs where groups will push each other to new heights with fun group experiences that will have you working in sync with an experienced coach.

Why do group fitness?

Group fitness is often seen as the perfect middle ground between focused personal training and working out alone. You can get a guided workout that is a little more balanced. During a group class at Apex performance, you will have expert guidance and a versatile workout that you can take on at a dedicated time. Our group fitness classes are scheduled at times throughout the day that can suit any professional. We have programs that are suited to any fitness level and the group activities can scale to your comfort. We offer movements that can be completed as a group with scaling options that ensure people of all fitness levels can see results!

Group exercise often leads to amazing relationships between participants. The bonds you form enhance your exercise ability and the people you attend classes with can keep you accountable and keep you coming back for more fun experiences.

Our Group Fitness Coaches

Our expert coaches are patient, highly energetic, and fun. We want to create strong team environments and offer the specialized attention each participant needs to stay safe and maximize their training. At Apex Performance group fitness classes, our coaches go the extra mile to help you feel welcome, change up our training programs to help you get a full-body workout, and establish a sense of community in every class. 

Why Choose Us

We want to give you the ultimate group fitness class in Tampa and the sense of community you have been seeking in your fitness experience. Coming to our classes is a no-pressure situation that is designed to be fun and highly efficient. With our experience, we have designed training programs that work for people of all fitness levels. Our coaches provide the personal attention that is needed to help our participants get down forms and stay safe while also pushing their training as they progress. We want to bring our knowledge and energy into every class and let you as a community bond together in a unique fitness experience. 

If you are interested in trying group fitness in Tampa, contact us today at Apex Performance.

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