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Do you live in Brandon, FL and are you looking for a gym to push you beyond your limits and ignite your athletic prowess? Apex Performance is your one-stop shop for strength and athletic training. We are dedicated to creating athletes who are stronger, faster, and more resilient, no matter their skill level or background.

Why Choose Apex Performance Strength & Athletic Training?

We differentiate ourselves at Apex Performance by a unique combination of factors

  • Experienced and Certified Trainers: Our strength and conditioning team is made up of professionals who are certified. They are familiar with the complexities of athletic performance and can customize programs to maximize potential.
  • We place a high priority on injury prevention and rehabilitation. This is done through personalized assessments and proper form guidance. Our expertise can help you recover from an injury safely and effectively.
  • Comprehensive Programming: We offer a wide range of programs that are tailored to meet your needs, whether you’re an experienced athlete or fitness enthusiast. We have programs for strength training, powerlifting, speed and agility drills.
  • The gym has the latest equipment available to meet your training needs. You’ll find everything you need for a great workout, including free weights, weight machines and plyometrics boxes.
  • Welcoming and Supportive Environment: Apex Performance believes in creating a community that encourages everyone to work hard, celebrate their achievements with others, and feel empowered.

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Apex Performance offers Strength & Athletic Conditioning Programs

We have a variety of programs to suit your needs and goals.

  • Strength Training: Our strength training program will help you build a solid foundation. You will learn the proper techniques to lift different muscle groups. Your overall strength will increase and you’ll notice a difference in your performance.
  • Our powerlifting program will help you achieve explosive power. You will learn advanced lifting techniques and gain the strength and power you need to excel at powerlifting competitions.
  • Our dynamic program will improve your agility, speed, and explosiveness. This program is perfect for athletes from all sports disciplines. It includes drills and exercises to improve your agility and ability to change direction.
  • Sport-Specific Training: Train like a professional! Our trainers will design a sport-specific program that is tailored to meet your specific needs. We can help you improve your skills and fitness, whether you are a golfer, baseball player, or basketball player.
  • Metabolic Conditioning: Our metabolic conditioning program will improve your cardiovascular endurance while burning calories effectively. This high-intensity, interval training program leaves you feeling stronger throughout the day.

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Personal Support Beyond the Gym

We know that the journey to peak performance goes beyond the gym. We offer extra support at Apex Performance to help you reach your goals quicker:

Nutritional Guidance

Our expert coaches will provide you with nutritional advice tailored to your needs.

Injury Rehabilitation

Our trainers have been trained to create rehabilitation programs that will get you back to your normal routine after an injury.

Performance Tracking

We monitor your progress closely to ensure that your program is producing results. We can adjust your exercises and intensify them as you progress.

We offer unlimited support

Our trainers will be available to answer all your questions and concerns. They will also provide motivation for your fitness journey.

Become the Best Version of Yourself. Start Your Journey at Apex Performance!

Apex Performance in Brandon, FL is the perfect place to train if you are serious about improving your athletic performance. Call us now to schedule your free consultation. We will work with you closely to understand your goals and create a customized program.

Don’t settle for average. Apex Performance will help you train like a champion. Unlock your full potential with us!

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In a Hurry? Call us at 586-453-9846