Month: January 2023

Want to live longer

Want To Live Longer? Move Faster! More Effort Goes A Long Way

According to the most recent guidelines, you should spend at least 150 minutes per week doing some form of physical activity if you want to live longer. However, just because we hear the message does not mean that we should act upon it. According to a CDC survey, 25% of Americans do not get any […]

plyometrics exercises

What Are Plyometrics Exercises?

Plyometrics exercises are a form of exercise that builds muscle power by using speed and force from different movements. Training in plyometrics can help improve your physical performance as well as your ability to perform different activities.

effective ab exercises

Let’s Get Effective Ab Exercises

Although abs can be created in the kitchen, that’s only half of the reason why so many people continue to struggle with their ab workouts.What can you do for effective ab exercises? Let’s find out!