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Benefits Of HIIT Training

5 HIIT Workouts That Are Safe to Do During Your Pregnancy

Contact us now to get scheduled for your free trial! In a Hurry? Call us at 586-453-9846 When you’re pregnant, there’s so much to look forward to. You don’t need to change your entire schedule. It’s safe to continue working out if you worked out regularly before pregnancy. You should always speak to your doctor […]

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How Many Calories Does a HIIT Workout Burn?

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. As the name suggests, it involves short bursts of high-energy exercise followed by periods of relaxation or less intense exercise. HIIT is like going from 0 to 100% in your workout, making your heart race almost immediately. Studio Society gets a lot of questions about our HIIT class, […]

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What Is Better for Weight Loss: Cardio or Weightlifting?

When folks want to drop pounds, they often wonder: What Is Better for Weight Loss: Cardio or Weightlifting? Figuring out the best way to spend your workout time can be tough. This article breaks down weight training versus cardio for weight loss. Let’s dive in! Cardio Burns More Calories per Session Scientists have checked out […]

Hiring a Personal trainer

Why Hiring A Personal Trainer Is The Move This Year

If you’re looking to get the most out of your fitness routine and reach your goals, hiring a personal trainer or joining a group fitness class with a trainer can be an invaluable asset. But what exactly will hiring a personal trainer teach you? Let’s dive in and learn more!

Losing Weight

Losing Weight Is Not Impossible

This sounds simple: Losing weight, reducing calories, or increasing calories to gain weight. This concept is so reliable that it has led to the well-known conclusion, which we have held for decades: “Eat less and move more” will help you in losing weight. This advice is flawed. It is not so simple. Anybody who has […]

Active Recovery Day

Active Recovery Day & Rest Day Suggestions

Although we all desire quick results, gaining strength and fitness is not just about working hard. A successful fitness program should include your rest days and active recovery day. Although it may seem that resting will not help you lose weight, gain strength, or increase speed, taking time off from your workouts allows your body […]

Strength Training Exercises

Strength Training Exercises And The Benefits

Should strength training exercises be given more credit for its long-term benefits? There is still evidence to support the benefits of muscle-building exercises. A new meta-analysis found that those who strength-train are less likely than those who don’t, even if they don’t do aerobic exercise.

Want to live longer

Want To Live Longer? Move Faster! More Effort Goes A Long Way

According to the most recent guidelines, you should spend at least 150 minutes per week doing some form of physical activity if you want to live longer. However, just because we hear the message does not mean that we should act upon it. According to a CDC survey, 25% of Americans do not get any […]

How Much HIIT

How Much HIIT?: A New Study

HIIT High-intensity interval Training (HIIT), has been a game-changer in fitness. There are many studies that highlight its remarkable transformative results. You work hard for a brief time, then rest and repeat. But how much HIIT should you do?This formula allows you to reach your maximum training zone every time, shocking your body with each […]

join a gym

Join A Gym, Join Apex Performance!

It is well-known that exercising at the gym is beneficial for your health. These things are easier to do when you join a gym. But if you need more motivation, here are 10 great reasons to join one: