Month: January 2022

Best Fitness Clubs In Tampa

Apex Fitness Is Voted One Of The Best Fitness Clubs In Tampa

There are many fitness clubs in Tampa, but today you’ll hear about one of the BEST voted fitness clubs in Tampa, Apex Fitness. You may have experienced or heard of our unique classes where you felt physically and emotionally challenged in just 45 minutes. Perhaps you’re looking for more than just a gym. A gym […]

The Best Boxing Gym In Tampa

The Best Boxing Gym In Tampa

Apex Fitness is the best boxing gym in Tampa and is an excellent way to meet new people and stay motivated. Boxing can help you relieve stress and build strength and is great for both men, women, and children It is essential to have the right conditions in order to be successful at any activity. […]

Benefits Of HIIT

Benefits Of HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)

There are many benefits of HIIT, also known as High-Intensity Interval Training, which can be a great workout for busy people. Research has shown that a 15-minute interval training session with Apex Performance three times per week can make you more progress than if you just run for an hour. You can find more information […]

Benefits Of Stretching

Benefits Of Stretching Before Or After A Workout?

The benefits of stretching can be very lucrative and can keep you limber. It’s the most important thing to do before a workout, everybody knows this but very few people know how to stretch and what to do to help with your workout. There are seven types of stretching you can do. This can make […]

best boxing gym in Tampa

Apex Is The Best Boxing Gym In Tampa

Apex Fitness is the best boxing gym in Tampa you could choose. Many celebrities, Olympians, and weekend warriors have included boxing in their training routines and Apex follows suit to prepare you in the same manner. This is not because it’s trendy or accidental, but because boxing can transform your body into something amazing. Something […]