Month: February 2023

group workout classes

Health Benefits Of Group Workout Classes

Exercise is known to have numerous physical benefits, but it also has significant mental benefits. Working out in group workout classes can enhance these mental benefits even further. From reducing stress and anxiety to improving social skills and self-esteem, there are many reasons why exercising with others can be a great idea. In this blog, […]

Common Weight Lifting Questions For Beginners

Common Weight Lifting Questions For Beginners

Do I Start My Cardio Or Weight Training? Jay Cardiello, a celebrity trainer, is a great go-to for all your weight lifting questions for beginners. He suggests that you go to the weight rack first if your main goal is to increase strength and build lean muscles. He says that if you’re not getting enough […]

eating for fitness

Eating For Fitness The Right Way

Get Powerful Your exercise results can be improved by eating the right foods both before and after you exercise. Your body uses carbohydrates to fuel itself, just like a car’s engine. These carbs give you energy to run or exercise. Refueling with a mixture of carbs and protein can help you build muscle. Are you […]