Month: August 2022

Group Fitness.

Tell Me About Group Fitness.

Apex Performance has exercise programs that rely upon teamwork to reach your goals in group fitness. The trainers will teach you how to move, and provide motivation to make new friends and share something beyond the gym. Group fitness workouts combine strength training and cardio.

end of Shoulder Pain

The End Of Shoulder Pain

The end of shoulder pain can depend on a number of factors. One of them is your understanding of how your shoulders work and what is typically the source of your pain. It’s possible that you reached this article because of one of these two reasons: Do you have pain in your shoulders and would […]

bodyweight training

The 4 Biggest Benefits Of Bodyweight Training

You shouldn’t consider bodyweight training as a backup plan if you don’t have the right equipment. There are many ways you can use your bodyweight to improve (make it more difficult) or decrease (make it less easy) your ability to do a variety of exercises that target your major muscle groups. A foundation of bodyweight […]

Speed Muscle Recovery With These Basic Foundations

Speed Muscle Recovery With These Basic Foundations

The Best Exercises For Recovery You need to speed up muscle recovery. The feeling is all too familiar. You know the feeling of soreness, aches, and sometimes pains that can be caused by starting a new exercise routine or pushing yourself to do more.

New To Working Out; Here's What To Expect

New To Working Out; Here’s What To Expect

Perhaps you are new to working out. Maybe this is your first time participating in a structured program, such as Apex Performance. If you are ready to make changes in your life and your body, Apex Performance is a great place to start! However, We know you have questions and Apex Performance has answers! Apex […]