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How Old is Too Old to Become a Personal Trainer?

Contact us now to get scheduled for your free trial! In Hurry? Call us at 586-453-9846 Many people who do not work in the fitness industry have an incorrect idea of what it looks like to be a personal trainer: young, with zero body fat, and very fit. Although many trainers fit into this mold, […]

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How Much Do Personal Trainers Usually Charge per Hour?

Contact us now to get scheduled for your free trial! In Hurry? Call us at 586-453-9846 Personal trainers can charge between $50 and $100 per hour. The price can be affected by a variety of factors, including the type of gym, services provided, level and location of experience, etc. Below is a breakdown of the […]

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The Quest for an Affordable Personal Trainer Near Me

Are you on The Quest for an Affordable Personal Trainer Near Me to reach your fitness goals, but you can’t find a trainer who fits within your budget? You’ve come to the right place! We know how important it is to find a personal trainer who will help you achieve your health and fitness goals […]

Place To Workout

Place To Workout: Apex Performance is a great place to spice up your workout.

Apex Performance believes that autumn is the perfect time to review your fitness regime and perhaps improve it, making it the ideal place to workout. You can now take your workout outside, change up your routine, and maybe even push yourself harder at our facility. If you need more motivation, remember that Thanksgiving and the […]

Muscle Building Supplements

Do You Need Supplements to Build Muscle and Increase Strength?

The fitness and bodybuilding world has been debating for years: do you need Muscle Building Supplements to build muscle and increase strength? Some argue that a balanced diet, regular exercise, and sufficient sleep are all required to achieve the desired results. Others believe that Muscle Building Supplements are essential for maximizing gains and reaching their […]

Female Cycle

The Female Cycle: Diet And Training Tips To Help Your Life

There’s no way around it, navigating the female menstrual cycle, also known as the Female Cycle or colloquially as “Shark Week”, can be a daunting task. But understanding it can provide insights into our emotions, energy levels, and even our physical performance. This article will explore the impacts of the Female Cycle on your body […]

Hiring a Personal trainer

Why Hiring A Personal Trainer Is The Move This Year

If you’re looking to get the most out of your fitness routine and reach your goals, hiring a personal trainer or joining a group fitness class with a trainer can be an invaluable asset. But what exactly will hiring a personal trainer teach you? Let’s dive in and learn more!

Rest And Relaxation Is A Necessity

Rest And Relaxation Is A Necessity

Rest and relaxation should be a key component in your workout schedule. Too many times people push themselves too hard and that can be very detrimental to your health and stump growth from your workout.

Losing Weight

Losing Weight Is Not Impossible

This sounds simple: Losing weight, reducing calories, or increasing calories to gain weight. This concept is so reliable that it has led to the well-known conclusion, which we have held for decades: “Eat less and move more” will help you in losing weight. This advice is flawed. It is not so simple. Anybody who has […]