Benefits Of Youth Sports Performance Training Near me

Youth Sports Performance Training Near me

When asking yourself “Where is the best youth sports performance training near me?”, Look no further than Apex Performance. 

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Apex Performance has a multitude of training methods that focus on key aspects of what your child would need to succeed in whatever sport he or she is trying to excel at! And when looking for the “Best youth sports performance training near me”, and you’re unsure as to why you should choose Apex, keep this in mind; according to the CDC, childhood obesity is extremely common and nurtured, and a lot of the gyms that “specialize” in Youth sports performance nurture that type of obesity mentality.

 At Apex we also target the mind because that’s where the obesity mentality begins. It affects 18.5% of children in America. The 12-18-year old group is the most affected, with an obesity rate of 20.6% of the population. Active children will lead to healthier lifestyles and more active adults.

Changing Bodies

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Our bodies change as we grow. Children develop at an incredible rate, but not every child’s development is the same. Different children develop at different rates. Some are more physically fit than others, while some are more mentally sharp and develop faster. We know that children of all sizes should be active and regularly exercise. Today I will be talking about exercises that can help children grow mentally and physically.

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Speed, agility, and quickness (SAQ), drills are great exercises or activities for children. These SAQ drills are very beneficial because they can be applied to many aspects of their daily life and the movements they might engage in as they grow older. Although there are many types of SAQ drills, they can help your child learn correct running and walking for many occasions. It also teaches your child the proper breathing techniques which will improve your overall longevity! It provides a solid foundation for functional movements. They can use drills like tall and fall, speed ladder, and wall marching to build a solid foundation for any sport, such as soccer, hiking, or tennis. These drills are great for strengthening the mind/muscle connection. These drills will test your body control and coordination of the foot and eye. These drills can help your child be successful in future sports or fitness endeavors.

Flexibility With Age

While children are often viewed as more flexible and agile than adults, what is often overlooked is the fact that children lose their ability to be flexible and nimble with age. Learning to stretch early in life is a huge contributor to their flexibility and nimbleness. As we age and our lives become more hectic, we find ourselves sitting for long periods of time, which can lead to poor posture and a variety of problems, including back, hip, and shoulder issues. Stretching at a young age is a good way to prevent this. These muscles will be stronger and more resilient over time. Group classes in yoga for youth are very beneficial and can prevent future injuries.

Bone strength is another way to prevent injury. We will help them by providing them with calcium-rich foods and drinks. However, you can also incorporate resistance training into their daily lives. Children’s muscles can be strengthened by using resistance bands to pull, push, and contract. Running, jumping, running, and hiking are all great ways to strengthen muscles and ligaments throughout your body.

Youth Sport Performance Training Near Me

Child Encouragement

It can be hard for children to take an interest in something they don’t want due to gym anxiety or that their parents ask them to do. At Apex, It is important to encourage children to have fun and enjoy their experiences. This will help them achieve the long-term health benefits they seek. These activities are vital to give our children a foundation for a healthy future. When combined with healthy nutrition, future generations will have energy and be able to enjoy their childhood years.

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Apex Performance works with children, tweens, and teens. Our experience with children means that we are able to create a safe environment for them. Our highly trained experts are looking to provide performance enhancement and a permanent lifestyle change for our clients in a fun and interactive environment. Members can take advantage of personal training in Tampa, one-on-one training, small group classes, and specialized courses for a wide variety of athletics, and nutritional guidance! Contact us today to finally answer your question, “Where is the best youth sports performance training near me?”. You’ve found us, Apex Performance is the best choice for your youthful champion in the making!

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