Feeling Shaky After Your Workout?

Feeling Shaky After Your Workout?

You’ve probably experienced that feeling when your muscles want to give up. Although it may feel strange, this is normal. However, shaking after a workout could be a sign of trouble. It’s said that there are many things that can make you feel weak, woozy, or shaky after exercising. The most common is plain old fatigue. Whatever the cause of your shaking, a little research and TLC can usually make you feel strong again in no time. However, there are some situations where you might need professional help. Here’s what to do if you are feeling shaky after your workout or just plain exhausted.

Feeling Shaky After Your Workout?

Four Reasons Why You Could Be Feeling Sick After Workouts

Yes, it’s satisfying to work out but if you feel like your muscles are aching and you have the quivering muscles to prove that, one of these factors could be involved.

1. Seriously Tired. 

Shaking can be caused by your muscles burning through energy. It’s possible that your actual nerves have become fatigued. Your spinal cord transmits messages to your muscles from your brain to tell them what you should do. However, chemicals that are used to send these messages can be depleted by a workout session. You will feel like a tree in the wind, and this causes you to tremble. These chemicals are depleted, or small groups in large muscle units become exhausted, and weak, uncoordinated movement can occur, giving the appearance of shaking. It’s no wonder that you feel a bit agitated after exerting a lot of effort.

2. You’re Dehydrated.

Dehydration can be a problem if you finish your workouts with a full water bottle. Your muscles are 75 percent water and need that H2O to transport important nutrients and waste, so they can’t perform at their best when you’re low on fluids. The American Council on Exercise (ACE) recommends drinking 17 to 20 ounces of H2O (think: a standard water bottle) a couple of hours before exercise, followed by another eight ounces (about your standard glass) 30 minutes before lacing up. They recommend that you drink seven to ten ounces of water every 10 to 20 minutes during exercise. It may sound overwhelming, but it’s because even slight dehydration can seriously affect your performance. You don’t want to feel shaky or parched, so if you are feeling shaky after your workout finish that water bottle and make a plan for your next workout.

Feeling Shaky After Your Workout?

3. Caffeine Intake Was Excessive

It doesn’t matter if you drink a lot of coffee or make your own pre-workout supplements, caffeine can cause jitteriness during and after exercise. Though the FDA suggests that most healthy adults can safely consume up to 400 milligrams of caffeine per day (about four cups of coffee), everyone handles the stuff differently. So, even though studies have shown that 200mg of caffeine can boost performance in exercise, this may not be the best choice for people with sensitive stomachs. Pre-workout products can make it even more important to be cautious. Pre-workouts can cause adrenaline to rise and cause jitteriness. When in doubt, if you are feeling shaky after your workout drink plain water.

4. Your Blood Sugar Level Is Low

True Hypoglycemia (notably low blood sugar) is uncommon in otherwise healthy individuals and unlikely to cause shakiness after or during a workout. If you suspect that you may have diabetes, your blood sugar could cause occasional trembling. It’s important that you talk to your doctor about the best way to exercise. If you have diabetes, Apex Performance recommends eating some extra carbohydrates before sweating if blood sugar levels are less than 100 mg/dL. It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, including regular exercise, good nutrition, and regular H2o.

How to Stop Shaking After and During Workouts

Shaking during a workout can be dangerous and should be stopped immediately. If you feel like your muscle control is failing, it is important to stop a workout. If you are on the other side of a mountain, or below a heavyweight take a break.
Resting is the best way to stop shaking. However, electrolytes and carbs can help to speed up your recovery. It’s a good idea to have an energy bar and some electrolyte drinks in your gym bag. It’s okay to do a few push-ups after some mild trembling. Worst case scenario: You fall several inches to the ground.

How to Avoid Post-Workout Shakes

Some muscle shaking may be inevitable after HIIT and barre. We recommend that you allow yourself to have some fuel in your tank before you start any demanding workouts.
There are steps you can take to prepare for the day. At Apex we say that a healthy diet rich in nutrients. Vitamins and minerals is the best way for your body to be ready to perform. You might want to add electrolytes to your meal or snack before you start.

Check out what others are saying about Apex and its trainers and contact us today to get started on your fitness journey safely and avoid feeling shaky after your workout!