Fix Your Deadlift

Fix Your Deadlift

You must fix your deadlift to reap the benefits of the movement and to prevent injury. The deadlift is not a dangerous exercise. However, it is important to set up your body correctly before you lift the weight. 

Do a deadlift to see how strong you are

The deadlift checks so many boxes. It’s difficult to cheat or use moments, and a spotter who is too eager to help you can’t provide support or trick you into believing you’re getting better. It’s obvious that deadlifting requires that you lift a weight. This has many benefits for your whole body.

You must fix your deadlift if you are to reap the benefits. While the deadlift is not a dangerous exercise, it is safe if you properly set up your body before pulling the weight.

Is the deadlift safe?

Apex Performance believes deadlifting is simpler than teaching the squat and bench press. He can show you how to do it in five steps. The setup is the key, if you will. Hand, feet, legs and chest positioning will make up about 80% of your strength. The rest of movement is as simple as it gets once you are in a position to power.

Before we get into the details, it is important to know that deadlifts require some personal modifications. This is because unlike the bench press or squat, where you can adjust the rack height to suit your height, the deadlift’s starting point is not customizable. The plates that weigh 45 pounds are approximately 17.5 inches in diameter. This means that the barbell connecting them will be a little more than 9 inches above the ground. You can also use dumbbells to lift the weight. This issue can be alleviated by using a trap bar.

This is great for those lifters with shorter arms and longer torsos, but not for others. Dan John is a strength coach at Apex Performance. He will modify the lift for his clients by having them deadlift in a squat rack. This way, he can adjust the starting height using the safety bars to the side. John states that while some people may eventually be able to deadlift from the floor, others will find the rack deadlift sufficient.

You can also prop the barbell on plates to increase the range of motion.

No matter what your approach may be, once you have found the perfect setup for you, you can master the deadlift.

5 Steps to perfect deadlift

Perform one set with light weights to test your stability. The proper deadlift setup requires 17.5 inch plates to be on your barbell. Don’t do this first set with weight.

Apex Performance suggests that plastic plates of 5-10 lb be used. These can be used in a gym or at home to raise the bar.

Here’s how to fix your deadlift:

1: Deadlift Foot Positioning

2: Get Your Deadlift Grip

3: Adjust your Legs Before You Pull

4: Activate the Muscles in Your Back

5: Grab It, Breathe and Rip It

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