Improve Mobility With Apex Performance

Improve Mobility With Apex Performance

Are you looking to improve your running speed, strength, and mobility? Your mobility could be your answer. Although mobility is not new, it is finally being given the attention it deserves by the fitness industry.

What is mobility?

What is mobility, then? Mobility is often confused with flexibility. Although they are similar concepts, they have very different implications for your exercise routine.

Flexibility is the passive ability of a muscle to be lengthened (e.g. static stretching). Mobility refers to your ability to move with control through a range. Mobility is not only about flexibility, but also strength, coordination, breathing, and body awareness.

Why mobility is important

Mobility is so cool because you can do mobility-specific exercises throughout your workouts to increase flexibility, strength, and coordination. You can help your body move better by including mobility in your daily routine.

You need mobility to perform the heavy-loaded back squat with a barbell.

Poor mobility can lead to poor performance and injury. Your body will try to compensate by creating poor movement patterns or poor form. When training for performance, such as lifting heavier, jumping higher, or running faster, mobility is crucial. Proper mobility will allow your body to move in the right positions to produce the maximum force and perform efficiently. You’ll likely miss out on your best performances and put your safety at risk.

How to improve mobility

Mobility can be included anywhere you want it to be – before or after a workout, in the morning, in the cooldown, in the morning, and throughout the day to ease tension from sitting at your desk all day.

Stretching can be beneficial before, during, and after a workout. It is also great for warming up before you get out of bed in the morning.

Remember those mysterious illnesses that appear between midnight and 6 a.m.? Some of these problems can be alleviated by stretching. You probably didn’t think of stretching before an event or a workout when you were younger.

You believed you were indestructible. As you get older, you have to accept the limitations of aging. Stretching helps muscles stay flexible and healthy.

This flexibility allows you to enjoy greater movement in your joints. Have you ever been able to reach your toes by bending down?

You can stretch every day even if your feet aren’t touching the ground right now. In a few weeks, you might be able. The muscles become tighter and shorter if they are not stretched. Sometimes they may feel ready to snap.

This can cause injuries, such as joint pain, pulled muscles, and muscle damage.

These routines can be used before and after your workouts to improve mobility and flexibility, as well as prevent injury.

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