Training Core Muscles And Why It is important?

Training Core Muscles

Training core muscles is something that should be a part of your training regime. It may not seem like it but your core is a key factor in everything you do and is a main factor in your strength training.

Your core muscles are used for almost everything:

  • How do you get out of bed each morning? You need a strong core.
  • How do you push a grocery cart across the parking lot? That’s possible because of your core.
  • How do you fight off the ninjas that have just found your secret identity? A strong core is essential for Karate kicks.

The gist is obvious. Your core handles almost everything you do throughout your day.

What does “training core muscles” actually mean?

Contrary to popular belief your core doesn’t consist of your abs. Some muscles found in the core include:

  • Erector Spinae: This is the muscle that surrounds your spine and allows you to stand straight.
  • Rector abdomens:  Better known as your “abs”.
  • Obliques are located on your sides and allow you to twist.
  • Gluteal muscles: Also known as your “glutes”, “butt”, or “bum” these are the muscles that connect your legs and your core.

Your core might also be called your “trunk”

Training core muscles builds the foundation of your body. 

Just like when you build a house, fitness starts with a solid foundation.

We focus on building a strong foundation with every one of our clients. Our trainers have the knowledge to build a strong core.

We won’t force you to jump into the deep end if you are just beginning your fitness journey. Let’s ease you in and build confidence.

These are the top core exercises for beginners :

  1. Plank– As you stabilize yourself along a straight line, your entire core will be engaged in a plank. 
  2. Knee Plank– You can do the same thing as a regular plank but with your knees supporting you. These are the basics. 
  3. Hip Planks– As you lift your body up, the hip bridge will activate your glutes as well as the rest of the core.
  4. Hollow Body Hold– The hollow body is a great way to stabilize your body and engage your midsection. The hollow body exercise is part of our strategy to help you get your first handstand.
  5. Hollow Body Rocking– Same as the Hollow Body Hold, but rocking yourself while holding the position while controlling your breathing.

At Apex Performance we know the value of building your core and implementing this in our daily routine. Come see for yourself what makes us the number one Gym in Tampa.

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