16 Best Exercises for Weight Loss, According to Experts and Research

Exercises for Weight Loss

You want to have a routine that works when you are working hard to lose weight and get fit. You can add some of the best Exercises for Weight Loss to your routine.

Jim White, R.D.N. A.C.S.M., explains that for healthy weight loss you should incorporate “at least 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic exercise a day or 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity per week.” White says that adding strength training exercises to your weekly routine, which include all major muscle groups twice to three times a week, is a good place to begin.

Healthy eating is also essential to your weight loss plan. White says that proper nutrition can help you fuel your workouts, and burn body fat more effectively. White says that both nutrition and exercise are important for helping you achieve your goals, as well as your mental state.

What kind of Exercises for Weight Loss is most efficient at burning calories? Experts recommend these best exercises to lose weight.


Running, whether you like it or not, is one of best and easiest ways to burn calories. You don’t even need a treadmill. Simply put on your running shoes and get going. You can make miles and minutes go faster by running in intervals. Fartleks is Swedish for speed play. You pick up your pace after every street lamp, water hydrant, or other object you come across, then slow down when you reach the next.

“The best thing you can do to burn more calories when running is to change your workouts,” says Natalie Dorset a New York-based running coach. If you do the same workout every week, your body will not be able to adapt. You can vary the pace of your workouts, and also the type of running you do. Variety is key for constant adaptation, whether it’s comfortable and hard or intervals.

Chris Ryan is one of MIRROR’s founder trainers. “Sprinting engages the core, and allows for shorter runs with higher intensity,” he adds. Running slowly is easier on the body in terms of perceived exertion, but running at 80% your ability is harder and pushes your body to its limit. It will condition your body to become accustomed to the stress. He says that there is something to be gained by getting used to being uncomfortable during your runs. Next time, he suggests sprinting on a soccer or track field instead of the road.

Try a Fartlek Sprinting Routine: Begin with a 5-minute Jog. Alternate between sprinting intervals of 10 seconds and moderately paced jogs lasting 50 seconds. The jog is a great way to catch your breathe before you start the next sprint. Do these intervals 15 minutes and then finish with a 5 minute jog. As you get stronger, increase the sprinting effort to 20 second intervals with 40 second jogging.


White says that both walking and hiking are beneficial forms of exercises for weight loss. If you want to burn more calories while walking, and lose weight, hiking is a better choice. White explains that hiking will help you achieve the calorie deficit necessary to lose weight. It is because walking on a flat surface is more difficult than hiking. Your body will work harder as you trek over rougher terrain and hills. This will strengthen your leg and core muscles and increase balance and stability. White says that hiking is an excellent way to enjoy the outdoors, be in nature and reap the benefits of exercises for weight loss.

Try lacing your hiking shoes on the best trails in each state.

Jump Rope

It’s time to jump back in the game if you haven’t done so since grade school. This workout burns up to 318 cals (for a woman weighing 140 pounds) in 30 minutes. And your heart isn’t even the only muscle working.

Jumping rope provides a total-body workout. Jumping rope works your glutes and quads, which help you to explode off the ground. It also engages your core muscles to keep you stable and upright as you land. Jumping rope involves some arm and shoulder movement, since they are kept tight as the rope is moved by the wrists.

Jumping rope can help you burn calories, improve your cardiovascular health, increase coordination and tone all over, while also reducing the risk of injury.

Try this Crossrope routine. Start by jumping rope for 60 seconds in freestyle. You can alternate, jump, skip or twist your hips. This one is a lot of fun. Then, drop your rope and perform 30 seconds of mountain climbing. Then, return for 60 seconds of jump roping freestyle. Finish with 30 seconds of planking. Repeat the cycle after 2 minutes of rest. Complete 3 rounds.

Strength Training

Strength training helps you to build lean muscles and boost your metabolism. Your metabolism starts to slow once you reach your 30s. Ryan says that the more muscle you possess, the less body fat you will have because your metabolism is higher. “A higher metabolic rate leads to more calories being burned and more weight loss.”

Exercises that increase resistance can also help prevent osteoporosis. Wolff’s Law states that bone will grow in response to forces placed on it. If you lift more weight, your bones will grow stronger. Ryan says, “It works on force production in order to maintain shoulder strength, hip strength, and spine stability, which allows your entire body to live a healthy life well into your older years.” Deadlifts, anyone?

Try a dumbbell circuit. Pick up a dumbbell, complete 10 squats and 10 dumbbell rows for each arm. Then, do 10 push-up variations of your choosing. As you complete each rep, move on to the next Exercises for Weight Loss. Repeat this 3 times. Rest 1-2 minutes between each round. Increase the dumbbell weight or use two to make the exercise more difficult.


Kickboxing can help you burn calories, tone your muscles and relieve stress. Your arms can throw jabs and hooks by using the power of your legs. It’s a great full-body workout. This will test your coordination, endurance and strength–all things that are essential to becoming a better fighter in the ring and outside.

Ryan says that kickboxing will give your obliques, your legs and your core a new lease of life by pumping your heart and lungs. It also improves your balance, coordination and proprioception. This is the ultimate mind-muscle Exercises for Weight Loss.

Try five kick combos. Perform 8 repetitions of each combo for as long as possible. Rest when needed. Stay strong by listening to your favorite music!


Spinning on a bike or stationary bike is a great way to build endurance and burn calories. Ryan, a weight loss expert, says that spinning is an activity with low impact which targets the strongest and biggest muscles in the body. This includes the glutes. When you use your largest muscles, hormones are released that help you build more muscle, just like strength training. This helps you burn fat throughout your body.

Spinning is a low impact alternative to running that will increase your heart rate.

There’s more than just speed to pedaling. Spinning can be a total-body workout if you use good form, engage your core and work your glutes and thighs. Your core is key to spinning quickly and efficiently, whether you are doing a heavy ascent in first or second position. As you press your foot into the ground with each stroke, squeeze your inner thighs.

Try a 10-minute warm-up on your bike. You can pedal as hard as possible for 30 seconds, then go easy for 60. Repeat the cycle four times, except that after the fourth interval of work you should pedal slowly for four minutes. Repeat this cycle three times more for a total 37 minutes of workout.

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval training)

The HIIT workouts have proven to be one of the best ways to increase your metabolism and burn more calories. These workouts do not have to be very long. Some HIIT exercises can be done in just 10 minutes. However, they are only effective if your body is pushed to the limit. HIIT has been shown to help reduce belly fat.

Form is paramount. Ryan says that even though you’re moving at high intensity, form is still important to prevent injury. Think less about load/tension/weight intensity, and instead focus on the repetitions and sets and how to build load safely.

Try a 20-minute high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout to boost your metabolism.


You’re missing one of the most effective cardio and strength machines in your gym if you haven’t used it. You’ll get a full-body workout by working your quads and glutes as well as hamstrings. Your core, arms and back will also be worked. The power that comes from rowing is not your arms, as most people believe. It’s your legs. You pull your handle towards your chest by pulling your legs back using your glutes and quads.

Rowing is an excellent weight loss tool, as it combines the best of both cardio and strength training. It focuses on opening the hips and shoulders and pulling them out. Ryan says that you are also working your heart and lungs. Many people’s backs are rounded because they sit at a desk all day. Ryan says that rowing can help correct this problem by opening up your spine, hips and shoulders.

Try a 15 minute rowing routine. Start with a 5 minute warm-up, rowing slowly and consistently. After 5 minutes, increase the pace to 22 strokes per min. Finish the workout by cooling down for 5 minutes.


Burpees can be a great addition to your workout routine if you can perform high intensity exercises and jump. White says that burpees can help you burn calories, lose fat and build muscle. White explains that burpees help to burn belly fat. High-intensity movements such as burpees also can burn up 50% more fat than traditional strength training.

Start by standing up straight with your arms above your head. Jump up while keeping your hands above you. You’ll then drop to the floor and assume a plank pose (challenge your self by adding a few push-ups).

Try a routine that alternates between work and rest. White suggests doing 10-15 repetitions in three to four sets with a short rest between each set to catch your breath.


Do not be fooled! You might think it’s a simple machine that spins your legs as you read a magazine or watch TV. If you increase the resistance, you’ll be left breathless. Ryan says that riding the elliptical in a relaxed pace will do little, but when you start pumping blood and working your lungs, magic happens. Stand up straight and use your upper body muscles to engage your abs. Swinging your arms and using the handles will help you burn calories.

Dorset also says that machines such as the elliptical can help you maintain fitness while reducing stress on your body. “The elliptical has a lower impact,” Dorset states. It’s great for preventing injury or returning to running after an injury.

Try working out like Jennifer Aniston. According to Vogue, the Friends actress likes to use the elliptical machine for at least 20 minutes. She will raise the incline and then alternate between running for 2 mins, followed by walking for 1 min.


It doesn’t matter how fit you may be, climbing a flight is always challenging. This is because the steps are short, so you need to use additional muscles like your quads, glutes and calves to lift your body.

The StairMaster is a great tool for strengthening glutes and quadriceps. Ryan says that working the largest, strongest muscles will keep your metabolism high and your body toned. Next time you go to the gym, try climbing a flight of stairs or using a StairMaster.

Try a HIIT StairMaster exercise: You can work your way up from a moderate, comfortable pace to a full-on effort.

Battle Ropes

The battle rope is a great, easy way to do a cardio and strength workout for the entire body. Battle ropes, which are used at high intensity levels, will raise your heart rate within seconds.

Ryan says that slamming heavy weights repeatedly is a lot of fun. It not only burns your lungs and muscles, but also gives you a feeling of accomplishment because it gets rid of everything that’s been bothering to you all day.

Use them correctly: Stand with your feet at shoulder distance apart and hold one end of each rope. As you alternately whip your arms, keep your chest raised and bend your knees slightly. Try experimenting with different movements and tempos. For example, whipping with one arm faster while slamming on the rope with the other.

Try this 15-minute routine. Start by making waves alternately with each arm. Try to maintain this wave for the next five minutes. Do not worry about the speed or intensity. Try to endure. Continue this Exercises for Weight Loss for 2 more rounds. Take a minute to rest between rounds.


Swimming is a great workout if you do not like the impact of running. It combines cardio and strength training into one low-impact workout. The water adds resistance to your workout, which forces you to use more muscles and oxygen efficiently. Want more motivation to get in the pool? Simply being in water at 78 degrees to do your workout can help you burn more calories than if you were on land, because your body’s temperature is 98.6. Ryan says that the body burns fat and calories to stay warm when in water.

Swimming is a total-body workout that builds strength and endurance.

Try our swimming workouts at every level.


Yoga is a low-impact, weight loss exercise. Yoga can reduce stress and lower cortisol, which can cause weight gain. Yoga also increases flexibility, coordination, and strength. When combined with a healthy diet, yoga can help you lose weight. If you want to burn even more calories, try a power-yoga class in a heated studio. Not only will you sweat more, but the power moves and faster Vinyasas can help you tone up.

TRY online yoga classes you can do at home.


Pilates is similar in many ways to yoga but it focuses on strength. According to White, it’s an excellent form of exercises for weight loss. The challenging moves provide many benefits, including improved flexibility, balanced muscle strength, enhanced control of your back, limbs and mind. White says that it also increases “muscle strength and tone” in the abdominal muscles, lower-back, hips and buttocks.

Try these pilates exercises to get you sweating or join a hot class.

Interval training

If you are doing a lot of cardio (e.g. If you are walking or running but not seeing the results that you want, interval training may help. Why? Why? Because your muscles are metabolically active and burn calories even if you don’t exercise.

Interval training is a great way to maximize your calorie burning in a short time. Your metabolism is reset to a faster rate by the intensity of your workout. It takes your body hours to cool down. EPOC is the excess post-exercise oxidative consumption. This means that you continue to burn calories even after your workout is over. According to a study published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology, a LISS is a good way to burn calories after you’ve finished your workout.

“Intervals can be a fantastic way to lose weight beyond the EPOC effect.” Ryan says that a lot of weight loss is also influenced by the mental aspect of things. “Using intervals is a great method to celebrate individual successes after each round or rep of exercise, and not just the overall workout.”

Try this: If you are working out at intervals, try doing your exercises for weight loss for 30 second every minute. Then rest for the other 30 seconds. You can gradually increase the time for 45 seconds and 15 seconds rest. You want to work at maximum capacity, so that you are out of breath when the interval ends.

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