Just 8 Minutes of Exercise a Day Is All You Need

Minutes of Exercise

According to a study published in the European Heart Journal, you can do all your exercise in 8 minutes per day if you push yourself a little harder.

Researchers found that vigorous exercise for just 54 minutes per week can provide the best bang for your buck. This reduces your risk of dying from any cause by 36% and also decreases your chance of developing heart disease by 35%.

Scientists analyzed data from fitness trackers worn in over 71,000 people during a study in the United Kingdom. Then, they analyzed the health of the participants over the following years.

The study found that exercise has a positive effect on health. However, it is not surprising that more time exercising leads to better health.

10-Minute, No-Equipment Workout

Planks and bicycle crunches are two of the most effective ways to engage your core. This routine takes only 10 minutes of your day.

A short, intense workout can improve blood pressure, reduce artery-clogging plaques, increase your fitness, and more.

Researcher at the University of Sydney Matthew Ahmadi, PhD says that vigorous exercise can help your body adapt better to changes than moderate exercise.

These will reduce a person’s chance of developing cardiovascular disease. He says that exercise can lower inflammation in the body, which will lower the risk of certain cancers.

The CDC recommends at most 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise per week. This could include walking at a slow pace. It also suggests that you spend 75 minutes a week engaging in vigorous exercise such as running. The CDC recommends that muscle strengthening activities like lifting weights be done at least twice per week.

According to the most current data from the National Center for Health Statistics, only 54% Americans manage to get 150 minutes of aerobic exercise each week. Only 24% of Americans also manage to fit in the recommended strength training.

People who are busy might be able to exercise for 8 minutes per day, instead of 30.

Minutes of Exercise

Ahmadi says that “Lacking time” is the most common reason people don’t exercise.

Vigorous exercise does not necessarily mean that you must run, bike, or lift weights. Scientists define a vigorous activity as one that is more than six times your resting metabolic rate (or MET). This includes any strenuous activity such as dancing at a nightclub, or carrying groceries upstairs.

Ahmadi says that all of these activities are equally beneficial.

For optimal health advantages, he strongly advises incorporating frequent 2-minute sessions of vigorous, heart-racing physical exercises scattered throughout your day. This approach ensures that you receive the maximum possible benefit from your workouts, boosting your heart health while also fitting easily into your daily routine.

To monitor your performance and assess the effectiveness of these short but intense workouts, consider using a smartwatch or a similar fitness tracking device. These tools have the capacity to continually measure your heart rate and provide real-time feedback. Specifically, these trackers can alert you if your heart rate escalates above the 77% threshold of your maximum heart rate. This percentage represents a critical benchmark for cardiovascular activity intensity.

A point to note is that the majority of fitness tracking devices are equipped with features that not only measure your heart rate but also analyze the data to calculate various parameters that contribute to your overall fitness profile. These can include your cardio fitness level, recovery rate, and the number of calories burned. Such comprehensive health data helps to provide a more holistic view of your wellbeing, assisting you in making informed decisions about your exercise routines and overall lifestyle.

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