What Is Functional Weight Training?

functional weight training

Functional Weight Training: Defined And Sample Workouts

The term “functional weight training” would have been obsolete a decade ago, since the purpose of weight training was to prepare athletes for the sport. However, most gym-goers at the dawn of the 21st Century were not seeking to improve their sport performance, but rather were looking for aesthetics.

However, today is a completely different story. Functional training is a term that describes a specific type of training. It is used more often than ever.

Functional Strength Training Defined

Functional strength training is an exercise that develops strength in patterns that can be used every day. This type of training includes free weights and gymnastic moves. Aerobic training is also available. Functional refers to how this type of training can help build a better body for daily life. Strength underlines the fact that this type of training produces more force.

Who Is Functional Weight Training For?

Functional weight training can be beneficial for anyone, since the goal is to prepare participants for everyday life.

How To Functionally Weight Train

functional weight training can be done without any equipment. Functional weight training’s foundation is six movements: squats, push, pull and bend. It can also be done anywhere there’s space and free weights.

Your previous training history will determine how to begin this type of training.

Strength Training For Beginner

A trainee should learn basic movements and build motor control when starting functional weight training. These trainees will adapt quickly and can train their entire body multiple times per week since they are still learning. These trainees will benefit from being trained under the supervision of a coach at a functional gym.

Intermediate Functional Weights Training

Participants in functional weight discipline can be considered intermediates after they have been training for a few years. These trainees need to focus on one or two of the six movement patterns during each training day. For example, an intermediates’ day might include pulling and squatting simultaneously. This client will need to take longer to heal and may require more training to ensure adequate recovery.

Advanced Strength Training

An advanced trainee is someone who has been consistently training for many years. This trainee should be able to focus only on one movement pattern per session. For example, bending. As their adaptation rate slows down, people in this category will experience slower progression. Advanced trainees often work with high level fitness coaches to continue their progress.

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