5 Reasons Why You Need Personalized Fitness

Personalized Fitness

It takes only a few seconds to search Google for thousands of free workouts. These workouts are effective but will they help me reach my fitness goals? Often, the answer is “no”. Apex Performance offers personalized fitness. It’s the best way for you to reach your goals, stay fit, and keep it going for many years. Here are five reasons personalizing your fitness program is important.

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Five Reasons Fitness Must Be Personalized

1. Everybody has unique capabilities and starting points

Fitness must be customized because everyone is different and has their own starting points.

Your coach will take these factors into consideration and tailor your fitness program. Your workouts may look different if you are new to the sport of fitness than a person who has been doing it for years. That’s a good thing.

You can make your progress more quickly, stay engaged and lower your chance of injury by choosing programs that are tailored to your abilities.

Personalized Fitness

2. Specific goals require specific programming

You need programs that are specific to your goals. A fitness program that builds your vertical pulling strength is necessary if you are going to pull up your first time.

A program that focuses on building muscle or aerobic capacity is the best for changing your body composition.

Fitness should be personal so that you can achieve whatever goals you set. This applies to your diet and lifestyle, as well as the gym.

During your monthly meeting with your coach at our gyms you will have the chance to share your goals. The coach will create a program that reflects your goals.

3. Everybody responds differently to exercise and nutrition

Everybody responds differently to nutrition and exercise. Your programs should reflect this. Some people can do back-to-back training without any problems, while others may need to rest between sessions.

While some clients can eat 400g of carbs per day, others may need only 150.

Each person adapts to exercise at their own pace, depending on age, lifestyle and genetics.

Your coach will observe you and determine how you react to these factors. Together, they will create an optimal program that is based on your response to exercise and nutrition.

4. Life throws curveballs

You will be hit with unexpected surprises throughout the year. You’ll be invited to a wedding, get sick, or have another life event that causes you to miss a week of training.

Personalized fitness is very adaptable. No problem if you are unable to make it a week or even a session. Your coach will either continue the process next week or modify it to suit your changing schedule.

This allows you to plan your life and adjust your training accordingly. Are you planning to go on vacation? Your workout coach will be able to program simple hotel workouts as well as a morning walk to get you moving no matter where you are.

5. Ideal fitness is different for everyone

Personalized Fitness

Everybody has their ideal fitness level. One person may prefer to work out five days per week, while another might only like to ride their bike two days per week.

Whatever your goals, personalized fitness will help you achieve them. Your consultation will allow you to talk with your coach about your goals and your vision for fitness. Your coach will then create a plan that will help you reach your goals.

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Personalized Fitness = The Best Results

Why should you be involved in fitness?

Is it to reach a goal or live a healthier lifestyle?

We encourage you to discover your ideal fitness level, no matter what your answer.

Personalized fitness is what we at Apex Performance believe will make the ideal possible. 

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