Metabolic Training For Woman

Metabolic training

Metabolic training is a form of training that aims to build muscle, burn calories and increase endurance in a shorter time. These workouts are quick, efficient, and highly effective and can be squeezed into busy schedules.

We explain why this exercise format is so good for women, and offer some examples of exercises that you can incorporate into your own metabolism workout.

What Is Metabolic Training

Metabolic conditioning, also known by MetCon (or metabolic conditioning), combines high-intensity and medium-intensity exercise with little rest in a fast but intense circuit.

A metabolic workout involves a series of compound movements. You may use dumbbells or kettlebells to intensify the exercise. These workouts are usually around 20 minutes long. It is important to maintain high energy levels throughout.

What Are The Benefits To Metabolic Workouts For Women?

There are many training methods available, so you might be wondering why metabolic conditioning is worth your time. MetCon workouts are great for women.

  • Fat loss
    A metabolic workout will result in a significant calorie loss due to the intense movement involved in metabolic training. This can help you control your weight by combining with a balanced diet.
  • After-burn
    Metabolic training improves the efficiency of your body’s metabolism, hence the name. It also provides an enduring ‘after-burn” effect. Your body will continue to burn calories even after you are done training, so your training sessions will still be beneficial.
  • Increased cardio capacity
    While metabolic training does not include cardio activities such as swimming, running, and rowing, it is a great way to increase your VO2 max (or your aerobic capacity). This will improve your ability to use oxygen for energy and power. It can also be used in other cardio and sports activities.
  • Strengthen and build muscle
    It is no secret that women get weaker as they age, especially after menopause. This increases the likelihood of injury and osteoporosis. Regular exercise is a great way to increase muscle strength and decrease the risk of osteoporosis. The release of human growth hormone is stimulated by metabolic training. This is a complete body workout that exhausts many muscle groups. It is a great way to increase strength and fitness, especially when combined with pure weight training or resistance training.
  • Less time spent training
    Many people don’t have the time or desire to spend hours at the gym every week. You can get impressive results with metabolic workouts in just 20 minutes.

What Difference Is There Between Metabolic Conditioning And Hiit Training?

Many HIIT workouts can be classified as metabolic.

The major difference between them is that metabolic workouts have a shorter rest period (less than 20 seconds), while HIIT can have longer recovery or rest periods. MetCon workouts often use weights. HIIT workouts can be used for cardio, such as running and cycling, but are usually bodyweight only.

These differences together mean that metabolic workouts burn calories faster and preserve or increase muscle mass better than HIIT.

Are Metabolic Training Effective For Women?

The best way to increase fitness, strength, burn calories, and maintain good health is with metabolic workouts. These workouts are quick, effective, and challenging. They can be easily incorporated into a busy schedule, no matter if you’re a working mum trying to make time to exercise or just looking to fit a session in your lunch break.

Levels Of Metabolic Workouts

There are several ways to increase the difficulty level of a metabolic exercise over time. These include changing the exercises, adding weight, or trying more advanced versions. You can also change the timings to increase the ‘active’ time.

Below you can see how we recommend that you adjust the timing of your workouts to suit your ability and fitness levels.

  • Beginner level 30 seconds of exercise, 15 second rest. This will allow you to complete a circuit with three to five exercises. You can rest for 60 seconds, then do three more sets.
  • Intermediate Level 45 seconds of exercise, 15 second rest. This will allow you to complete a circuit with three to five exercises. You can rest for 60 seconds, then do three more sets.
  • Advanced Level 60 seconds of exercise, 15 second rest. This will allow you to complete a circuit with three to five exercises. You can rest for 60 seconds, then do three more sets.

5 Of The Best Metabolic Exercises For Womans To Include In Your Workout

A metabolic workout can include almost any compound or whole-body strength exercise. But if you are having trouble deciding which ones to include, these five suggestions might help:

  1. Kettlebell swings
    • Your back should be straight, and your feet shoulder-width apart. To do this, lower your back into a half-squat position and then lift the kettlebell with both your hands so that your palms face your body.
    • As you keep your core tight, bend your knees slightly and push your heels towards the heels, straighten your legs and extend your hips to swing the kettlebell up to your chest.
    • You can return to the half-squat position by swinging the kettlebell between your legs. This is one repetition.
  2. Jump with dumbbells
    • Standing with feet at hip width apart, feet slightly bent, you can either start with your body weight or add a dumbbell each to increase the challenge.
    • Do a normal weight squat while keeping a tall spine. Brace your core.
    • Once your hips are just below your knees, lift your heels and jump as high as possible to push your heels off of the ground. Then, land gently on your feet.
  3. Dumbbells step up
    • Place your feet hip-width apart in front of a step, plyo box, or other exercise equipment. Engage your core.
    • Each hand should have a dumbbell.
    • To push your body up, place your left foot on the box. Next, lift your right foot off the platform.
    • Focus on pushing up and keeping your spine tall.
    • Your right leg should be returned to the ground. To control the descent, focus on your leg muscles.
    • After you finish reps, you can switch between your legs or alternate between them.
  4. Dumbbell woodchoppers
    • Standing with your feet shoulder width apart, hold a dumbbell in each hand and stand with your feet together.
    • Keep your arms straight and rotate the dumbbell diagonally downward until your torso is on the opposite side. Your hands will be at your knees.
    • For a few seconds, hold the position. Slowly reverse the motion to get back to the original position. Continue with the first set, then move on to the next.
  5. Power jacks
    • Standing straight with your hands at your sides, feet together, and a dumbbell in one hand, place your hands on the ground.
    • Jump your feet to the side and swing your arms up, just like a regular jumping Jack.
    • You can also drop your hips, bend your knees, and place your hands on your knees to get into a squat position.
    • To jump back to the starting position, push through your heels.

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